Royal castle at Blois

Testimonial from Virginie Duplaix, head of the Reservation and Information Department and contact person for the Qualité Tourisme™ certification process

Virginie DUPLAIX
Château royal de Blois

Long before it was awarded the Qualité Tourisme™ label in 2010, the Royal Château at Blois had been addressing its quality process, and we were already well aware of the need to focus our efforts on visitor reception and comfort.

The guidelines were an excellent tool, and helped us as we planned refurbishment efforts, introduced working procedures and honed our skills.

Visitor satisfaction, which we assess every year, is our best reward for our efforts.

However, visitors' needs change, and responding to these new needs means constantly adapting. Here again, the guidelines are of great help.

Château royal de Blois


Château royal de Blois6 place du Château 41000 BLOIS
Ph : +33 2 54 90 33 33
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Qualité Tourisme ™ sheet


Edited on 20/10/2021