National Estate of Chambord

Testimonial from Frédérique POISSON, in charge of tourism development of the National Estate of Chambord

Frédérique POISSON
Domaine national de Chambord

The Chateau and Estate of Chambord is an outstanding masterpiece and a UNESCO world heritage listed site since 1981. This world symbol of the French Renaissance attracts some 1.5 million people every year, with nearly 800,000 visiting the chateau.

The estate has a long-standing priority to continuously improve its visitor facilities.

Supported in its quality approach by the Touraine Tourism Board (in partnership with the Loir-et-Cher Tourism Board), Chambord has set up an in-house quality committee to coordinate the different departments (ticket office, reception, communication, conservation, markets, reservation, maintenance, personnel, etc.) to meet a common goal. Some structures and practices have been improved and adjusted with the drafting of new procedures. Considerable investments have been made, including to overhaul the signage. And an annual customer satisfaction survey has been introduced to continuously adjust facilities and events to customer expectations.

Chambord was awarded the QUALITE TOURISME™ trademark in December 2015 in recognition of the staff’s tireless commitment to developing this piece of national heritage. It is also a mark of successful teamwork by all the region’s players, especially the Val de Loire’s major heritage sites that constantly strive for excellence in an increasingly competitive tourism environment.

Chambord is taking forward its visitor experience improvement strategy with an ambitious investment programme for 2016: new reception centre, restoration of the village square, landscaping, creation of a walking circuit, opening of new areas to visit in the chateau (18th century kitchens), etc. All of this work will naturally be undertaken in strict compliance with the rules laid down in the QUALITE TOURISME™ guidelines.

Edited on 20/09/2023