National Maritime Museum of Rochefort

Testimonial from Philippe MATHIEU, Administrator of the Musée National de la Marine de Rochefort.

Philippe MATHIEU
Musée National de la Marin

The certification process for the Qualité Tourisme™ label meant involving every member of staff in a continual improvement approach.
With its collections and temporary shows, the museum had already developed a number of skills, particularly in how to reach out to the general public. However, the Qualité Tourisme™ certification process includes a wider audience – not just visitors. Quality starts well before people cross the threshold of the museum, and continues well after the visit ends, particularly in terms of the services provided.
By putting people at the heart of the museum, the Qualité Tourisme™ approach takes us back to the basics of an institution open to the public – a public whose needs change as society itself changes.



Edited on 20/09/2023