Museum of Hemp and Glove-making

Testimonial from Michèle Tharaud – Chairperson of the Patrimoine Cognac-la-Forêt regional association and managing director of the Museum of Hemp and Glove-making in Cognac-La-Forêt

Musée du chanvre

« We felt we had a responsibility to respond as best as possible to the expectations of our visitors, whether locals or tourists. Therefore, as part of a plan to improve our practices and correct any shortcomings, we applied to the Tourism Committee of the Haute-Vienne département as soon as it had adopted the Qualité TourismeTM approach.

As a result, for the first time ever the Museum of Hemp and Glove-making was promoted and specific tools were implemented which significantly improved its image and visibility.

One of these tools is the customer questionnaire made available to our visitors, whose comments we can now monitor.
The Qualité TourismeTM label covers both individual holiday makers and families, as well as local visitors interested in discovering services of a certain standard. Under this label, we have an obligation to regularly develop our sites and services.»


Edited on 19/09/2023