The Mining History Centre (Lewarde city)

Testimonial from Karine SPRIMONT, Head of Communications and Outreach at the Mining History Centre

Karine SPRIMONT, Head of Communications and Outreach at the Mining History Centre"As part of ongoing efforts to improve the reception we give our visitors, the Mining History Centre began a quality certification process. In 2013, following an audit that revealed a compliance rate of more than 96% with respect to 237 separate criteria, the Centre was awarded the Qualité Tourisme™ label. Every service – in the widest meaning of the term – to the general public was analysed, including information and reservations, signage, reception at the ticket window, the visit itself, amenities such as the restaurant, the shop and the museum's café, how special groups are welcomed, communication efforts, our cultural calendar, accessibility and sustainable development.

Qualité Tourisme™ certification provides real recognition for the efforts made by our staff to provide visitors with the best possible welcome. It helps motivate employees, and also allows each one of them to understand the ways in which his or her position helps improve the various services we offer. The Centre has also been the recipient of other local and national awards. Naturally, each time we are awarded a logo, a label or a trophy, it is a source of pride for the entire staff. More than this, however, it is an opportunity to reflect on what remains to be done to continue to give visitors the best possible experience. For the Centre, this involves ongoing efforts to improve the welcome given to our foreign visitors, including language training for every staff member dealing with the public.


Edited on 20/09/2023