Castle of Sully-sur-Loire city

Testimonial from Benjamin Fendler, Manager

Benjamin Fendler, ManagerThe Loiret Département, owner of the Château de Sully-sur-Loire, launched its Qualité Tourisme™ accreditation approach in 2007 in partnership with the Touraine Tourism Development Agency (ADT). Our aim was to meet the benchmark guidelines to sustainably improve our range of services for the different types of visitors to the site.

In addition to the necessary investments (signage, multilingual visit media and bicycle parking), the benchmark guidelines gave us a real team approach that could onboard all our staff. So the supposed initial constraints quickly turned into natural reflexes and shared values.

The quality approach is quite simply there to give our visitors the assurance that we will meet the needs key to a pleasant visit. It does not change the site’s history, collections or originality. The Qualité Tourisme™ trademark is a watchdog that makes sure we provide more professional service.

This outside eye is actually a boon for the sites. It is not the examiner who is important. He merely translates into action the necessary open communication channels with the visitors.

Edited on 19/09/2023