Dax Tourist Information Centre

Testimonial from Rémi Dourthe, Director of the Dax Tourist Information Centre

Rémi Dourthe, Director of the Dax Tourist Information Centre
Office de tourisme de Dax

It’s all there in the brand’s name. Quality is the essence of our trade. We are a public information service, a tourist attraction promotion tool set up to win over potential visitors with a full range of products and services. From this administrative point of view, the Qualité Tourisme™ brand gives us a structured approach and customer appreciation.

We are regularly audited to check that we warrant the trademark, which means we have to be really thorough: we go through all our documents together with the entire team involved in this proactive approach. The brand means we get organised and really step up to the plate. We have an in-house slogan, which reads “Quality is not a destination, it’s a voyage.” It’s a daily job, a methodology and a management tool. The brand gives us the keys to work quality into all our services. With this ongoing process, we are more adept at informing visitors, who are more inclined to come back.

The Internet is a pillar of the system. We are lucky enough to have an in-house communication department so that we can fully present our destination. All of our print material is also onlined in step with the new media trends. We are also equipped with WiFi in keeping with the brand’s rules. Our staff are trained to help customers and provide them with the information available from the centre.

We have also changed our in-house organisation. We now work with two quality liaison officers: one for accommodation and the other for trip advice who works with all our communication, events, group management and central reservations departments. Our priorities are the range of tourism available and customer care as core elements of our trade.

Now that this new in-house organisation is in place, our next step is to get together with tourism professionals in the region and help them in areas such as e-tourism (digital workshops) and sustainable tourism. This will make for a more go-ahead, relational, focused and aligned brand roll-out.


Edited on 19/09/2023