The Chanteloup Pagoda (Amboise city)

Testimonial from Mathilde Lhomme, manager of the Chanteloup Pagoda site

Mathilde Lhomme, manager of the Chanteloup Pagoda site
La Pagode de Chanteloup

The Chanteloup Pagoda applied for Qualité Tourisme certification in 2011, because we wanted the resources to improve how our site is organised and to offer our guests a better welcome.

Certification allowed us to streamline our internal organisation, which in turn improved our working methods, particularly when we work in a team, and to become more professional in our approach.

Thanks to the certification process, we improved the quality of our services. We are more attentive to our visitors' needs and expectations, and have considerably improved their experience of the site.

There are other tourism-sector labels aimed at ensuring a quality offer, but the Qualité Tourism™ certification process puts the focus on greater professionalism in what we do.


Edited on 02/06/2023