Art and History Museum (Cholet city)

Testimonial from Angéline Biteau, Museum Promotion and Cultural Facilitation

Angéline Biteau, Museum Promotion and Cultural Facilitation
Musée de Cholet

The Art and History Museum, a council-run service, launched a Qualité Tourisme™ approach in 2010 to improve our public service level, but also to become part of a dynamic regional professional network. The distinction awarded for the first time in 2012 marked the achievement of these two goals.

This commitment called for the participation of the entire museum team (technicians, hosts and hostesses, administrative staff and cultural facilitators) and council departments (especially the IT Department and the Communication Department). It is an anchor project that holds a choice place in the museum’s PSC (Scientific and Cultural Project).

We worked on improving the visitor’s visit by onlining information on the website, developing the premises’ maintenance activity, offering reception facilities and service geared to visitor expectations, and changing the visual aspect of an e-mail signature (thereby departing from the council’s principles)! They were all fascinating areas to work on, even though they were sometimes disconcerting for an administration.

Qualité Tourisme™ is a strict trademark that applies to every aspect of a business. It is demanding, but practical. That makes it more interesting than other tourism sector labels.



Edited on 19/09/2023