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Testimonial from Marco & Anabelle Vigano, proprietors

Marco & Anabelle VIGANO
restaurant Aux Anges

The Restaurant Aux Anges opened its doors in 2005, and was awarded the Qualité Tourisme™ label in 2012.

Marco, the restaurant's chef, has trained in the finest restaurants and is eager to display his talents. His creations are a subtle, surprising blend of Italian influences and French classics.

His wife Annabelle offers guests a warm welcome. Like a gracious Italian hostess, she and her young team do their best to put them at ease.

"Two years ago, we decided to undertake the Qualité Roannais certification process; we want to keep getting better, and have no intention of resting on our laurels!

Doing so allowed us to build on our strengths, which include the friendly, professional welcome that our guests appreciate and the quality of Marco's cooking!"

We understand how important it is to get an outside opinion: we were visited by a "mystery diner", and are regularly offered help and support.

We got our staff more involved in the quality process on a daily basis, particularly when areas for improvement were pointed out. For example, telephone calls need to be dealt with in a more professional and customised manner.

We also improved the information that we post outside the restaurant, such as our prix fixe menus and the types of payment we accept.

We listen carefully to our guests and want to keep getting better at what we do. The support we were given during the certification process allowed us to move ahead with plans to renovate and expand the restaurant and to purchase an iPad to help us measure customer satisfaction.

As a label, Qualité Tourisme™ suits us perfectly. The scope is extremely wide, and looks at a number of issues. They include the physical surroudings, how we greet our guests, service quality, our web presence, customer satisfaction, our ability to communicate in other languages – everything is examined closely, and that helps us to set ourselves apart.

At Aux Anges, the quality certification process is part of our workplace culture; it's something we work at every day to make our guests feel as welcome as possible and to constantly improve what we do.


Edited on 20/09/2023