Testimonial from Arnaud LENGIGNON, Nature Qualinat guide

Arnaud LENGIGNON, Nature Qualinat guideI was given the right to display the Qualité Tourisme™ logo under the Qualinat certification process. It lends credibility to the profession of nature guide, and builds trust among tourists who are taking part in a nature tour.

Our profession is a new one, and the Qualité Tourisme™ brand helps boost the general public’s recognition of what we do.

The Qualinat training given to guides prior to the "secret inspection" allowed us to improve our offer, to better manage groups and to do what it takes to satisfy our customers.

Thanks to customer satisfaction surveys and regular inspections, the Qualité Tourisme™ certification is an ongoing process of progress and improvement.

I would recommend that all nature guides apply for Qualité Tourisme™ certification. It helps them become more professional and gives their customers a real measure of confidence – and the assurance that they will spend an unforgettable moment.


Edited on 02/06/2023