Océanopolis (Brest city)

Testimonial from Patrick Prieur, Océanopolis Marketing Manager

Patrick PRIEUROcéanopolis is the leading tourist attraction in Brittany with over 10 million visitors in the last 25 years. Océanopolis opened as a Greater Brest Area attraction in Brest in 1990. This tourist powerhouse on the tip of Brittany attracts some 430,000 visitors every year. The Ocean Discovery Park is designed mainly as a public showcase for oceanographic research and to generate tourist flows in the region. The Océanopolis Park’s three specialised pavilions (polar, tropical and temperate) and cultural programme give visitors the opportunity to discover the world’s oceans where science meets the spectacular.

As a Qualité Tourisme™-accredited establishment (accreditation renewed in 2014), Océanopolis seeks to be a model high-end establishment with particular emphasis from the outset on knowing our public and service quality in both our operations and content.

Our commitment to the quality approach is driven by this position. Our customers should feel the rewards of this approach every step of the way: before, during and sometimes after their visit. This “customer pathway” from the first contact with our poster or a tourist information centre through to the importance attached to our e-reputation is the essence of our marketing approach.

Our public observatory is both a real-time snapshot of visitor satisfaction and a leading-edge strategic tool that directly drives our marketing applications.

Qualité Tourisme™ is a national trademark. As such, it transcends geographic and service sector bounds. It endorses and promotes the many, often-expensive – but always rewarding – efforts made by service providers who have chosen tourism excellence. It is to tourism what other brands (or labels) have firmly established in the food industry: a guaranteed promise of excellence.


Edited on 20/09/2023


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