Bain-de-Bretagne city : Creperie « La Violette »

Testimonial from François de Pena, Manager of the Crêperie

François de Pena, Manager of the CrêperieThe Qualité Tourisme™ brand is a very important vehicle for my restaurant.

I am self-taught and the brand spurred me to learn more, so I was able to take a good look at what I was doing and continuously improve.

I love providing good service and cooking, and the audit criteria guided me in my improvements to my work tool and in my approach to my trade.

With the first three years in the brand under my belt and my renewal audit coming up in a few months’ time, I am bursting with ideas to keep forging ahead.

My entire team are driven and working hard towards this audit. We all want to be worthy of this quality brand and we make a point of striving for impeccable service quality.


Edited on 19/09/2023